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We are proud to share our story of how your fantastic pet food is made. We know that you recognise the importance of feeding your beloved pet the finest ingredients. We share your passion, and we are committed to using only the finest ingredients to make the most wholesome, nutritious and tasty food.

That’s why we work with the finest producer to create recipes for our brand that we are proud to put our name on. Simply scroll down to read more about the unique process our producer follows…

What is Freshtrusion®

From Farms and Fisheries we know and trust

It is really important for us to know where all of our fantastic ingredients come from.

That’s why we are proud to say that our fresh meats are collected from farms and fisheries that our producer both knows and trusts.

The meats are collected in refrigerated wagons to ensure the freshness is maintained; before being tested to confirm they’re of the highest quality and finally sent to the kitchen to be gently cooked.

Gently cooking the meat – the only way.

We know that slow cooking meat at home ensures that you create the finest flavours and make the most digestible meals. That’s why our trusted producer follows exactly the same process for our pet food.

Taking the finest Salmon, or most scrumptious Duck, the meats are gently cooked to protect the proteins, enhance the flavour and keep in all the goodness. This ensures your pet is always able to digest the food and get access to all of its nutritional benefits.

Because of the way the meats are cooked, we are also able to take the tasty oils within the meats and use these as part of the ingredients on the outside of the final kibble, creating an irresistible tasting meal.

Mixing the recipe and forming the kibble

After cooking the meats, all the other tasty ingredients, including sweet potatoes and an array of superfoods, are then added. With each of the superfoods providing their own unique benefits, it’s a recipe created from the heart to provide the most wholesome, enjoyable and nutritiously beneficial meal time.

We also care about the environment

We know that the welfare of the animals and gentle cooking is really important. Still, we also know that caring for the environment when we produce the food is equally as important.

That’s why we have chosen a pet food producer that considers not just the local community but also the local ecology and, ultimately, our planet when they make our food.

They are working towards being completely carbon neutral and ensure they recycle all of their water on-site, as well as planting 20,000 trees in the last five years alone.

We know that we must make every effort to ensure we do not impact our planet, and our children and grandchildren depend on us to do the right thing.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about how our trusted producer makes our special food, especially for you.